Probationary Period

By law, you must be a member of an approved pistol club for at least 6 months before you are eligible to apply for a firearms’ license. During this six (6) month probationary period you are required by law to record a minimum of three (3) calendar shoots at the Club. Unlicensed members are required to be supervised by a Range Officer when shooting and must complete the Form 33 Register and Participation Record each time they visit the range to shoot.
During the six (6) month probationary period you must complete a recognised approved Weapons Safety Course. Applicants having an A or B licence will only need to do the legislation and Category H components.

Applying for a Handgun License

Applications for a concealable firearms license (that is, Category H, handguns) are best submitted via the online application system which can be found here . You will need to have the following documentation ready to submit with your online application:
(a) Documents proving your residence (e.g. a rates notice, driver license or electricity bill);
(b) Two (2) passport style photographs;
(c) Your Statement of Attainment from your Weapons Safety Course (note: this is valid for 12 months from the date of issue);
(d) Form QP518(A), Declaration by the Club’s official representative stating that you, the applicant, are a financial member of the club, that you have been a member of the pistol club for the six (6) month period immediately before the declaration is made and that you have participated in at least three (3) handgun shooting competitions during that six (6) months;
(e) Your participation record; and
(f) Proof of name change (if applicable).
As it is an online application, you will need to have electronic versions (e.g. scanned copies) of all of these. After you have sent your application to Weapons Licensing, a minimum waiting period of 28 days must pass before your application will be looked at.