You do not have to obtain a License to become / remain a member of the CNPC. You will however still have to observe regulations regarding the joining of the club and paperwork requirements of the Weapons Licensing Branch. Without a license, members must always be supervised by a licensed member of the club whilst on the firing range.

Before you can join the club

(a) Unlicensed Persons
Obtain a “Statement of Eligibility” from Queensland Weapons Licensing by completing and submitted form QP515 (available here) at your local police station. This declaration is only valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

(b) Licensed Persons
If you already hold a firearms license other than a category H (e.g. Category A & B), you do not need to obtained the Statement of Eligibility.

3.2 Joining the Club

Compete in three (3) shoots at the Crows Nest Pistol Club within three (3) months
Complete the Club’s membership application (available here) recording details of your three (3) shoots
Submit the application form to the Club Secretary or President, together with:
(a) Statement of Eligibility (Form 36), and:
(b) two character reference letters (from persons knowing the applicant for more than two (2) years and are not related to them); and
(c) a declaration to the Club stating that you are a current member of another approved shooting club (if applicable)